Complete and reliable web hosting service delivered with reasonable pricing in excellent value.

10 reasons why to choose aspHOSTpage


More than 10 years of web hosting and 25 years of developer and administrator experience.
High quality dual Xeon processor Intel rack servers.
Outstanding price-value services.


Simple and fast online registration and order method. Once Your payment is processed via PayPal our automated system sets up Your hosting account and the ordered extras immediately.


We provide the opportunity for free trial to show what You pay for.
Packages can be extended and expanded online.


New domains can get registered within some hours.
Domains that are administered by aspHOSTpage can be forwarded to any existing website easily with the help of an online interface.


We provide You with our unique control panel that makes configurations and settings of database, domains or schedulers easy and fast anytime of the day wherever You are.


Users can give feedbacks or suggest improvements in our public forum that we take into consideration without exception. In the public forum Users also have the chance to discuss hosting issues, help and learn from each other.


We are willing to handle unique requests, no matter if it is the setting of a simple server side component or other more difficult settings.
You have the chance to ask and get help also from the community.


We use and provide softwares that are legal and up-to-date so that our Users can work with the latest web technologies.


Safety first. We use trusted certificates to secure our sites, FTP conneciton and mail servers.


You support a micro-enterprise with your subscription. As a dedicated web hosting provider we give the best of our knowledge and experience in order to provide reliable service for our Users' satisfaction.

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Windows Server 2019 - IIS 10

  • Web space can be extended and expanded dynamically
  • Applications that need warmup are welcome (Full Trust, Preload, Always Running)
  • IIS Manager direct access to set, configure and maintain database/applications

RecroGrid Framework

  • Master-detail CRUD framework based on ASP.NET MVC. It is prepared for developers to develop Entity Framework data base managing applications.
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ASP.NET Core 3.1, ASP.NET 4.x, MVC5

  • Leading web technologies of Microsoft, from older to latest versions

SQL Server 2019/2016/2014/2012 database

  • Professional database management system developed by Microsoft
  • Isolated high-performance server for fast operation
  • Download and upload, attach and detach database
  • Backup / restore functions
  • Remote access for administrative purposes with IIS Manager - Database Manager, or via VPN with SQL Server Management Studio directly
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PHP 7.4 - 5.x

  • Use of older and latest versions of PHP
  • High memory and limit settings compared to other Providers (see Pricing)
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MySQL 5.6 database, phpMyAdmin access

  • Popular database tool for performing various database tasks
  • Essential requirement for Wordpress and other CMS wizards
  • phpMyAdmin is a free and open source tool written in PHP, to handle the administration of MySQL
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E-mail server to private domains

  • Complete mailing system that is simple to configure online
  • Creating mailboxes, aliases, groups and rules
  • Vírus és SPAM filtering
  • Roundcube is a popular and up-to-date web-based IMAP email client
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Register, forward and maintain domains

  • Online registration
  • Fast administrations
  • Online, free Name Server settings. Domains that are administered by aspHOSTpage can be forwarded to any existing website easily
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Task Scheduler / batch mode to create and manage tasks at specified times

Unique, multiple and can be set online
  • Define tasks/jobs, perform one by one or even at the same time
  • Perform tasks hourly
  • Save database and perform more other actions
  • Perform HTTP GET/POST method
  • Send e-mails
  • XML/HTML data management
  • Complex string- és data manipulation
  • Forward parameters between jobs
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Dual Xeon processor Intel rack servers

  • 12-16 Core (24-32 thread)
  • 128-160 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • Hardware RAID 5 - Enterprise SAS Disks
  • Hot Swap, Redundant Power Supply
Only a valid e-mail address is required for the registration
Almost all functions can be set online and the hosting account will be set up immediately.